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If your hedgerows are overgrowing, it is important to tackle the problem sooner rather than later to prevent the hedge encroaching other plants, other properties, or even public roads. At Amott Tree Surgery, we can arrange a regular contract to ensure your hedge is well maintained. Alternatively, if you need a one-off trim, we are happy to oblige - just give us a call today.

Areas we cover for hedge trimming and tree maintenance:

  •    Portsmouth

  •    Waterlooville

  •    Fareham

  •    Havant

  •    Petersfield

Managing your hedges, shrubs and trees

We pride ourselves on our environmentally-conscious approach to grounds maintenance. Green waste can be recycled for biomass energy production, and landscape mulch, while larger logs are split and used as firewood when suitable. If you want to enquire about firewood or timber, call us today.

Tame your hedgerows

Arrange a hedge trimming contract:

07932 990 888